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Voyage au Vietnam

Cruising in Halong bay

A cruise of 2-5 days with a list of choice, 

  • LUXURY junks
  • DELUXE junks
  • SUPERIOR junks 

In order to make you discover this exceptional site, we favor a private junk of different styles that you can choose.

There will only be you and the crew members, with no other clients on board.


A majestic place you won't want to miss !

We have tested our junks that we offer you. The comfort, the quality of the services, the length of the tours on the bay were our criteria of selection.
The junks that we kept for our clients will make your journey (night on board) unforgettable and build every lasting memories !
The choice of these junks (private or not) of different qualities will satisfy each personal desires.

Private junk: you are the only clients on board
Collective junk : you share the junk with other clients.

The LUXURY junks offer different possibilities :

  • A junk equipped with one bedroom dedicated exclusively for one couple.
  • A private junk dedicated for a small group of family or friends (max 10 persons)
  • A collective junk with a maximum capacity of 36 people.

The DELUXE junks
offer different possibilities :

  • A collective junk with a capacity for 20 persons.
  • A private junk for a family group or friends (up to 16 people)

The SUPERIOR junks
, with different possibilities :

  • A private junk, with several rooms, but booked on demand for one couple
  • A private junk for a family group or friends (up to 16 people)

The LUXURY junks


Princess junk small



PRINCESS junk: Private for 2


This charming junk is a special way for romantics to sail Halong Bay. Whether it is for a honeymoon, wedding anniversary, birthday or another auspicious occasion the Princess has much to offer that special event. This junk has been built with the marriage of Vietnamese and modern architecture and has the perfect combination of contemporary comfort and traditional Vietnamese décor making it aptly suited for magical Halong Bay.

The large, elegant bedroom is equipped with air-conditioning and en-suite bathroom.
Gourmet meals may be served in private, in the indoor dining room or on the junks well appointed terrace. Its bridge deck has been built to allow sun-baking or general lounging around, and the very competent staff trained in every detail to ensure a most memorable and romantic dream holiday.

The routes that “small floating mansion” sails have been designed to keep it away from the conventional channels to meet the concept of privacy, exclusivity and enhance the romance.


The LUXURY junks







red dragon junk small






Private junk: dedicated to families or friends (11 person max)

Like the PRINCESS, these junks are again the perfect marriage of Vietnamese and modern day architecture resulting in a wonderful combination of contemporary comfort and traditional Vietnamese décor, again explicitly suited to Halong Bay.

Appointed with from two to five air -conditioned bedrooms these three junks are all equipped with ensuite bathrooms and offer the perfect way for families or small groups to sail Halong.

You cannot fail to be impressed by the chic nature and charm of these luxurious floating homes with their bridge decks built for sun baking and any other things you would like to do.


Your gourmet meals may be served in private, in the indoor dining rooms or on the terrace as you wish. These three junks are manned by very competent staff trained in every aspect to ensure a smooth and enjoyable stay on board.

The routes chosen for these three small “luxury floating hotels” has been planned to steer clear of the conventional channels thus ensuring some added privacy on your exclusive journey.

The LUXURY junks


bhaya-classic-overview 4



BHAYA junk : Collective junk of 25 cabines

This junk is a collective junk designed to carry a maximum of 50 people, and is the perfect way to sail the jade colored waters of Halong Bay in the company of others.
It has twelve separate cabins among which are two of deluxe suites. The BHAYA junk combines elegant oriental style with contemporary luxury.

A welcoming cocktail will be served on boarding.
Its large elegant rooms are all air-conditioned with ensuite bathrooms, and its bridge deck is built for the convenience of sun baking, games or a viewing platform from which you can marvel and photograph the splendor of the bay.

On board you can choose to eat your gourmet meals in the dining room or on the terrace.
The competent staff on board this floating hotel have been well trained to be attentive to your needs and desires to enhance and ensure a dream holiday.

The Bhaya junks staff can also provide cooking demonstrations, massage, or Thai Chi classes for your convenience.
As you can see everything has been meticulously planned for your convenience and pleasure.

The DELUXE junks


thumb 2



thumb 4

Aphrodite Cruise: Collective junk of 17 cabines

Although these sea farers have been designed as a collective junk they are also available to groups of families and friends 
The spectacular sight of these junks with constant efforts to make you enjoy the much more personalized services and the accommodation is stylish, the ambience at Aphrodite cruise is chic, warm and friendly, and finer touches make all the difference to your stay. 

Built in the traditional style of asian junks their large, fluted, red brick colored sails make them a stand-out sight sailing in the bay.
Aphrodite cruises are appointed with beautiful Vietnamese décor in their large air-conditioned rooms and are as spacious and comfortable as the best hotels.

On boarding these cruises each passenger will receive a welcoming cocktail to enjoy at the start of an enjoyable sail.
The cuisine on board includes a specialty of beautifully decorated seafood dishes amongst its fine food. 
You will find the staff on these junks to be very helpful, competent and attentive to every detail that is required to ensure a delightful stay on board.

Cooking demonstrations, Thai Chi and a massage can be arranged for tour pleasure, as you can see everything has been planned for your pleasure


The SUPERIOR junks

IMG 9680

DSC 6384



White Dolphine Junks:


For 2 persons or a group of family or friends. Max 18 persons.

These junks are designed as a fine way to sail in Halong Bay & Bai Tu Long Bay also Lan Ha Bay for those travelers on a restrictive budget. It is ideal for combining the pleasure of staying on a higher standard of junk for an affordable price.

The junks are very neat and tidy, nicely decorated with wood in a traditional Vietnamese style.
Individual rooms have air-conditioning and ensuite bathrooms for your convenience and meet the rigorous standards of Hanoi Voyages requests.

Meals will be served in a restaurant style setting and be prepared with diligence by the competent staff.
The friendly staff on board have been trained to give those traveling with them a high quality of service and friendship.



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