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Main Spots in Myanmar


Myanmar is a country entirely devoted to Buddha and Buddhist ways


Mountain forests of teak trees, picturesque lakes, small villages of imaginative artisans, traditional ethnic tribes, and charming and fascinating secrets await your discovery in a country so long isolated from the rest of the world.


 Yangoon1NAY PYI TAW (Capital)

In 2005 the military rulers proclaimed a new capital approximately 400kms north of the old capital of Yangon, and called it Nay Pyi Taw, which loosely translates to “Royal City of the Sun”. This sprawling, quickly constructed city has become home to government departments and the military hierarchy that rules the country. Some areas of this capital city remain out of bounds to anyone but those who live there, although there are areas of government housing, shopping zones, and hotels springing up in dedicated areas. It is the only area in Myanmar that does not have power black-outs, and has power 24 hours of the day. Some sites to visit in the new capital include the zoo and safari park, the massive Uppatasanti Pagoda, just a fraction smaller than Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon and housing two white elephants, the Gem Museum, and the National Museum.

This mystical and enchanting city was formally known as Rangoon, the capital of Burma during the colonial years, and today still holds a certain charm that has disappeared elsewhere. It also possesses one of the most awe inspiring religious monuments in South East Asia, the Shwedagon Pagoda that dominates its skyline. It is a place of pilgrimage and remains the premier pagoda in this deeply religious and Buddhist country.





A former capital under a previous dynasty, Mandalay is the cultural and religious symbol of the country’s Buddhist faith. Often referred to as The Golden City it holds many traditions of the peoples Buddhist past history with countless pagodas, monasteries, and other really fascinating sites. When in this charming city you will also discover the charming markets, handy-crafts, artisans and many other hidden secrets.





Bagan is one of the country’s top tourist attractions, and it is easy to see why when you arrive there. It is actually a series of towns, Old Bagan, New Bagan, Nyaung U and Myinkaba connected by a paved road approximately 12kms long. There is plenty to do and see here including cruising on Ayeyarwady River, hot air ballooning, visits to handy-craft and laquerware workshops, take part in cooking courses and of course visiting the Bagan Archaeological Zone. You can choose to explore some of the many sites by carriage or bicycle



Inle Lake - Voyage MyanmarLAKE INLE

Set in a wonderfully refreshing mountain climate Lake Inle is the home of many small fishing villages, and the local Intha people, who live in stilt houses along the lake’s shores. Your attention is drawn to the unique way the locals row their boats, and a cruise through the colourful floating gardens and markets gives an insight into their daily lives. You will also meet many different ethnic groups while in this fascinating and charming region.




golden rock - Voyage Myanmar



The Golden Rock, topped by a small pagoda, is perched precariously on a cliff high above the coastal plains, on Mt Kyalkthyo, and is a sublime and magical major pilgrimage site for Burmese Buddhists. The rock draws its name from the countless gold leaf squares affixed to the rock by pilgrims (men only can affix the gold leaf), but it is so revered that many people have pictures of the site on their walls and aspire to go to see it.






The beaches at Ngapali are an incredibly beautiful stretch of beaches with their pristine white sandy shoreline, coconut palms, beachside bungalows and seafood delights set on the azure blue waters of the Bay of Bengal. Fast becoming the hot-shot place for older Europeans, it is also becoming a “getaway” place for the richer locals. If sun baking, snorkeling, relaxing, and taking it easy watching incredible sunsets are what you are searching for then this is the place for you! There are a number of small fishing villages to explore, and a small market to hold your interest but it really a purely relaxation destination.





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