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In terms of accommodation in Vietnam, they have considerably been improved. Indeed, with the development of tourist activities, thanks to the internet, the accommodation is now diversified and the access to interesting offers of accommodation is easier than before. The following list of information is what you need to know about the accommodation in Vietnam.

I / Choose a category of accommodation for your tailor-made trip to Vietnam


Accommodation in Vietnam can suit all budgets. Prices vary according to not only the standing but also according to the time of the year you travel.
For low budget offers, the rooms that cost less than 20 USD are included in this category. These are usually guesthouses or small family hotels. Look for the sign "Nha Nghi" on the streets of major cities, they are countless. The rooms in these “Nha Nghi” are generally well-equipped, with air conditioner, hot water, and TV. However, don’t hesitate to consult other tourists’ opinions to avoid any scam.


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Mid-range hotels prices are between 20 and 75USD. For your tailor made a trip to Vietnam, they can prove to be an excellent choice, offering a whole range of high-quality service. Larger rooms or even a swimming pool or laundry service can be offered.
As for luxurious hotels or resorts, the prices ranges from 75 to 750 USD. These rates are usually offered by international hotel chains and luxury resorts. These rooms offer guests high-quality, comfort and 5-star services.
This description is especially true for large cities, such as Hanoi or Saigon. In more remote areas, like the northern mountains, you will mostly stay in guesthouses or homestays.
In terms of camping, it is not a very popular activity in Vietnam. However, you can consult travel agencies in Vietnam as some of them organize "camping" excursions in national parks. This activity will make your holidays in Vietnam even more exciting.

II / Accommodation’s formalities during your holidays in Vietnam


Please find below some extremely useful information about accommodation’s formalities if you decide to go to Vietnam for your holidays.
Firstly, please note that in Vietnam, hotel prices are usually displayed in Dong or US Dollars. This means that you can either pay in Vietnamese Dong or in US Dollars.
Do not hesitate to negotiate the price of the room in small hotels, especially if you wish to stay there more than one night. It is also important to specify as many details as you can about what you would like in your room (double bed, room with a window, private bathroom, etc.) as if not mentioned, you might spend the night in a room not corresponding to what you wanted.


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Regarding documents, many hotels in Vietnam will ask you to give them your passport and will only give it back to you at the end of your stay in the hotel. Do not worry if it happens and if you feel uncomfortable about this procedure, do not hesitate to ask whether a photocopy would be enough or not. If you prefer to stay in a Vietnamese friend’s house, they will also have to report you to the police.

While traveling in Vietnam, finding accommodation can sometimes be an unpleasant experience for some. However, we suggest you consult previous customers’ reviews in order to make your choice easier.

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