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We hear a lot about the health situation in Vietnam. However, since Vietnam has opened its borders, the country’s health condition has been improved. It is, for example, possible to find specialists for all kind of diseases in major cities like in Hanoi or Saigon. As for traditional medicine, it is still widely practiced, especially in the countryside. When planning your trip to Vietnam, please read the information below to be as efficient as possible and to be ready for any eventualities.


I/ Prepare your holidays in Vietnam


When planning a trip to Vietnam, it is necessary to pay attention to various factors such as the season, the destination or whether you have chronic health problems or not.
Before leaving, you have to subscribe to a travel insurance, prepare the first-aid kit and get vaccinated.

Regarding your first-aid kit, we suggest you bring essential medicines such as painkillers, dressings, mosquito repellents, antiemetic, medicines to prevent allergies, etc. If you have a chronic illness, please consult your doctor.




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It will be possible to find Western medicines in large cities. However, try to avoid as much as possible to buy some as the quality is not as controlled here as in Western countries. 
There are no compulsory vaccinations if you travel to Vietnam but it may be necessary to consult your doctor in order to have his opinion. You should particularly pay attention to Typhoid fever and to Hepatitis A and B vaccines. If you travel during the monsoon period, Japanese encephalitis should also be considered.


II/ Health Tips for a Successful trip to Vietnam


  • Three recognized organizations will be able to provide you valuable information about the health situation in Vietnam: the Institut Pasteur, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Institute for Health Surveillance.
  • In a case of illness, please contact your Embassy or Consulate.

When traveling in Vietnam, please be careful with street food (especially meats and seafood), the climate, and transports. Try to eat only cooked food, and make sure that vegetables and fruits have been washed with purified water. In order to find a place where to eat, we suggest you follow local people. As for water, do not drink tap water. 



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  • During hot and humid summer days, heat stroke may occur. We recommend you wear lightweight clothes with long sleeves, a hat and drink as much water as you can. If you don’t know when to go to Vietnam, the best season is between November and April. 
  • In terms of transports, you will quickly discover that large cities are very animated and crowded. Be careful when you walk and cross the road as Vietnamese won’t stop to let you pass. If you take a scooter, it is mandatory to wear a helmet.


Most of the time, the worst that will happen to you during your holidays in Vietnam is an unpleasant stomach ache so try do follow the previous advice and everything should go well.




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