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Vietnam is an increasingly popular tourist destination for travelers all over the world. The reasons for this success are numerous: an efficient housing and transport infrastructures, a fascinating culture and a warm population ready to welcome travelers. But Vietnam is also one of the cheapest travel destinations in the world.

1. How much can you expect to spend?

When traveling to Vietnam with a limited budget there are several expenses you should pay attention to but generally speaking, you can easily plan a long-term vacation to Vietnam without spending too much.


→ Food

In general, Vietnamese dishes are really affordable. You will easily find a meal for less than $2 (approximately 30 000 Vietnamese dong). Not only is tasting delicious local dishes a way to save money, but it’s also a way to discover Vietnam’s culture!


To cool off on hot summer days, cafeterias scattered all over the cities will offer you an iced tea or a beer for less than $1.

(Photo: Pho, traditional dish. Source: vietnamonline)


→ Transportation

In terms of transports, Vietnam has inexpensive means of transportation such as trains or buses. Even if taking the plane is more expensive than taking the bus or the train, it remains affordable compared to other countries.

To give you an idea, count $6 for a trip from Ho Chi Minh City to Mui Ne by bus (approximately 5-hour drive).

To get from one point to another in cities, taxis can be quite expensive. However, the “xe om” or motor taxis are the most effective and cheapest solution. For an intra-district trip in a big city, you will pay less than $1, or 20000 dong.


→ Accommodation

Vietnam is full of affordable accommodation options. It is very easy to find a room for less than $30 per night and most of them include breakfasts. Moreover, more and more families in Vietnam decide to propose a “homestay” service. This will allow you to immerse yourself in Vietnamese’s daily life, in addition to saving money. In most cases, at least one meal is included in the room price.


(Photo: Homestay in MaiChau. Source: dulichbautroi)


→ Activities

You will usually have to pay entrance fees before visiting Vietnam’s “must see” places.

For shopping, especially when buying souvenirs, do not forget that in Vietnam, negotiation is de rigueur!


2. A few tips if traveling to Vietnam with a limited budget.

Even if the cost of living in Vietnam is more affordable than in Western countries, here are some advice to save even more money:

  • Take a look at the prices and compare several travel agencies’ offers before booking a trip as many of these agencies take high commissions!
  • Try to avoid "western" restaurants as it will be more expensive and most of the time less tasty than what you can find in your country. Moreover; always confirm the price before ordering.
  • Do not forget to negotiate. But most importantly, take it as a game and try not to lose your temper.
  • To save on transportation, if you feel comfortable with the idea, you can rent a scooter. You will be able to travel longer distances while paying less!



(Photo: Floating Market in Mekong. Source: ansovatravel)


You will quickly understand that traveling to Vietnam with a small budget is possible and easy to do. However, even before planning your trip, check on when to travel to Vietnam. It is common to see prices increase during certain times of the years such as during the Tet celebration.




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