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If there is a question that often comes up when we talk about a trip to Vietnam, it is the question of the budget. How much does it cost, in practice, for a 2-week trip to Vietnam? There is no exact answer because each one of us spends differently. However, this article aims to help you, at least, to give you an idea of the travel budget for holidays in Vietnam.


It is necessary to note that the cost of living in Vietnam is much cheaper than in other Asian countries. However, if you do not know how to manage your travel budget when traveling to Vietnam, you risk spending a lot more than expected!


To plan your budget, it is essential to make a list: plan in detail what you intend to do in Vietnam to prepare your stay in the best way possible!

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(Photo: Hanoi Voyages - kayaking in Ha Long Bay)



Before you travel to Vietnam, you have to think about a few fixed amounts of spendings:

Plane ticket: It must be booked in advance, at least one month before your departure.

Visa: Check with the Vietnamese Embassy of your country to know the delays

Baggage requirements: You may not have to spend anything here, but you may need a backpack, a practical guide, and maybe a new swimsuit.

Vaccinations and other essential medicines in your travel kit

Once you arrive in Vietnam, there will be a few expenses to face:

Accommodation: you have many choices for accommodation: from simple homestays to 4-5 star hotels, including classic hotels. It is advisable to book the hotel as soon as possible if you want to travel in summer or during the holidays.

Food: everything is possible in Vietnam: from luxury restaurants to the affordable inns. You can have a delicious meal for a few dollars.

Transportation: The most convenient way to get around the city is by motorcycle. However, be careful! We suggest that you use the Grab or Uber application in order to have fixed prices. You can also take the bus (7 000 dong/ticket),

Other things: you can spend money on entrance tickets, souvenirs, evenings out, cafes, etc.

Unexpected spending: as it is said they are unexpected, but it is always good to foresee it.

Finally, contrary to what people think, money has nothing to do with the success of your stay in Vietnam. However, it is paramount! Therefore, try to manage efficiently your travel budget for a trip in Vietnam.



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