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Vietnam is a not very expensive destination. But how much does a 10 day trip to Vietnam cost? Below you will find an estimation to help you calculate your budget for holidays in Vietnam.


It is not possible to predict exactly the cost of a trip because mishaps can occur at any time. However, estimating the cost of a trip to Vietnam is necessary.


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Getting around

Buses, motorbikes, and taxis are useful in town. Renting a motorcycle costs around 100,000 to 150,000 dongs / day, a taxi costs about 50,000 to 200,000 dongs for 5-15km.

To travel from one region to another in Vietnam, you can use the plane, the bus, the train ... For airplanes, if you choose Jetstar or VietJet for a round trip Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi - Da Nang, The price is about 2 to 3 million dong, ... If the distance is not too long, you can choose the train or bus for a rate of 300,000-600,000 dongs.


Hotel costs


Some 2-3 star hotels are very suitable for tourists traveling on their own or as a couple. The room rate is about 500000-800000 dong/ room / night. During the peak tourist season, prices may be higher. For 4-5 star hotels or luxury hotels, it costs about 2-5 million dongs/room/night. You must book early to get a room at the best price.


Food costs


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Vietnamese gastronomy is varied and affordable. Breakfast costs only 10000-50000 dongs.


In large cities or near the coast, before dinner, visitors often visit a bar known for tasting seafood and shellfish, food and beer. Dinner usually costs between 200,000 and 400,000 VND / person. If you go in groups, the cost is even cheaper.


Entrance Fees


There are many free sites to visit. However, historical sites, museums, monuments have entrance fees of about 20000-200000 dongs.


Other expenses


Besides the expected cost, you should also consider a number of other costs such as insurance, laundry, souvenir purchases, tips, etc.


Estimating the budget for a 10 day trip to Vietnam is a problem to many visitors. However, each trip is different. Therefore, you must have a detailed plan and estimate the cost of your stay in Vietnam.


If you do not have much time to plan, Hanoi Voyages will help you implement this plan according to your needs, you will plan a trip to Vietnam perfectly suited to your purpose, taste, time and budget.



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