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Individual tours in Vietnam, what are we talking about? It's a way of traveling that allows you to select your favorite sites and then integrate them into your personal or family trip and to fully enjoy the happy moments with your loved ones. This type of trips to Vietnam avoids places you do not want to visit. What are the priorities in a trip to Vietnam? These are 10 things you need to be careful of when preparing for an individual trip to Vietnam.


  • Be careful when crossing the road in Vietnam. Unlike developed countries, Vietnam's transport system has not yet to meet the needs of its inhabitants. Traffic density should be a big challenge for you but you should not worry. When crossing the streets, you must keep a steady pace and do not hesitate. Do not stop or write texting by phone when crossing the street and traffic will automatically deviate you without worry.



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• Vietnamese money in USD. USD / VND is worth around 21,734vnd. You should try to write down the numbers at the forefront of accuracy. The trick is to remember the color and number of each currency to avoid any confusion because Vietnam has many denominations of money.

• Beware of dog meat, cat meat:
If you like animals, then you should learn these two words: "thịt chó" (dog meat), "thịt mèo" "tiểu hổ" (cat meat) otherwise you will eat it without notice. Although since 1997, the government has introduced a law not to consume dog meat and cat, these dishes, however, are sold in numbers.

• You must prepare seasonal items:

If you are going during the summer season, to have a perfect Vietnam tour, you can leave your jeans back home because it is the warm and humid season in Vietnam. In winter, if you are going to the North of Vietnam, we advise you to bring warm clothes. Finally, before leaving, you must watch the weather and do not forget to bring an umbrella to avoid the rain.

• Ask guides and drivers in advance for the price

If your trip is an individual tour in Vietnam, you can decide on when to leave the hotel, places to eat at your leisure. However, for group tours, this will not be allowed.

• Be careful when calling a taxi in Vietnam

Do not take a taxi out of the airport, as there are fakes in abundance. It is, therefore, best to book your taxi at the hotel to avoid possible scams. Moreover, under no circumstances, you should pay the tolls. Therefore, if the driver asks you to pay, refuse it. In general, drivers in Vietnam do not comply with traffic laws.

• Properly pronounce the word "pho". This dish is delicious everywhere. You must utter exactly the word to avoid misunderstandings when ordering food.

• Passport mandate of more than 6 months. You must ensure that your passport remains valid at least 6 months before your arrival in Vietnam. A passenger sitting next to me on the flight to Ho Chi Minh was refused entry because his passport was valid only 5 months before his arrival. Customs officials in Vietnam are very strict in this area. The passport must be valid for more than 6 months.

• Passing the visa: one of the most important things in the individual tour in Vietnam is the visa. You can send your passport by post to the Vietnamese Embassy in your country, and after about a month you will have a visa. You can also apply for a visa on arrival but you need a visa approval letter via the visa service which costs about $ 50.

• Equip yourself with a good phone and a sim card. You can buy a sim card at the airport. You can buy recharge cards in any streets. In addition, you can also use the free application to call, send SMS while Wi-Fi. However, you must remember to disable the roaming service before using a Wi-Fi connection.

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On the other hand, if you intend to travel to Vietnam for the next vacation, the climate is a factor not to be missed. On the website of our agency, we give you a heading "when to go to Vietnam" to help you have unforgettable experiences in our country without worry.




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