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Vietnam has always attracted professional and amateur photographers thanks to its many charms: here a woman in Ao Dai (the traditional costume), there an enchanting natural landscape. As the country's tourism development progressed, Vietnam broke down barriers between visitors and locals, and photography was one of the main tools.


If you embark on a trip to Vietnam, you will quickly realize that the Land of the Dragon is such a model before the goal, waiting to be immortalized. Your pictures of a Vietnam trip, more than proof of your presence there, will become memories for you to cherish forever.



I. The best spots for successful pictures of a Vietnam trip


During your Vietnam trip, you will visit a country with a fascinating culture that has quite magnificent places waiting for you to discover. Not only will your curiosity be satiated by the knowledge you acquire, but your eyes will be as dazzled by all the splendor that was hitherto unknown to you. So much so that you will want to immortalize this moment forever.


We offer you our TOP 3 of the best spots to photograph in Vietnam.



1. Ha Long Bay


Yes, Halong Bay seems to be a choice maybe a little too obvious. But these immense limestone blocks rushing from the turquoise waters to the azure sky never cease to surprise and charm the visitors.


During a cruise in the Bay, you can enjoy this magnificent environment to relax. Leave your boat for a few moments, and take the best pictures of a Vietnam trip: hidden caves, fishing villages and small paradise creeks are sure to seduce you. Aboard a kayak or from the heights overlooking the sea, Halong Bay has so much to offer...



2. Tonkin region


The North of Vietnam is renowned for its majestic mountain scenery and rice terraces. But what makes it interesting for photographers are the small villages of minority ethnic groups coiled in the hollow of the green hills.


Like so many followers before you, meet the members of the minority ethnic groups and share with them a bit of daily life. Their way of life, often traditional, will allow you to discover all the diversity of Vietnam.


If you ask for it nicely, they will even let you capture a bit of their daily life: between shy smiles and traditional costumes, you will surely make the most beautiful portraits of your life.



3. The Mekong Delta


The Mekong Delta corresponds to the south-western region of Vietnam, where the river separates and flows into the sea.


Among your pictures of a Vietnam trip, those taken in the Mekong Delta may be among your favorites. Typical floating markets, rice paddies, and orchards are all evidence of the benefits that the river brings to its surroundings, and will attract the eyes of photographers, for shots of surprising intensity.




(Photo: Internet - photos voyage Vietnam)




II. Tips for Successful pictures of a Vietnam trip


If you follow the advice below, you will be able to take successful and, equally important, original pictures in Vietnam.


1. Get off the beaten path


With the development of tourism, it is nowadays rare to be the first person to photograph a landscape in Vietnam. For original and personal shots, do not hesitate to think outside the box. Head to uncrowded places, or ask your guide to make you discover something unique.



2. Get ready


In Vietnam, to take the best shots, it takes a little technique and a lot of luck. Take your device out of your bag, turn it on and stand ready to seize the opportunity to press the button.



3. Approach


Instead of wanting to take at all costs grandiose pictures of monuments, do not hesitate to look closer. You will have the opportunity to truly capture the soul and atmosphere of the place through a smile, a flower or an incense stick. The best advice for unique and intimate shots.




(Photo: Internet - pictures of a Vietnam trip)




At the end of your trip to Vietnam, it is possible that a kind of melancholy will take hold of you. In addition to being a balm on your heart, your travel photos will represent a hope: one day, to be able to return to Vietnam. And to take the best photos of Vietnam, you should not forget to check out the Vietnam climate info. For more information, please click on the "When to go to Vietnam" section of our website.





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