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That's it: your airline tickets are booked, the hotel is ready to welcome you and you have prepared a timetable worthy of the journey of your life. Yes, but the more the date of departure approaches, the more the prospect of making your suitcase doesn’t delight you. What to bring? What will I forget?


To help you in this step, find out our advice on what to wear when travel to Vietnam for a good stay in the Dragon Country.



I. Daily clothes when travel to Vietnam


As in any country, to prepare your suitcase for Vietnam, you have to consider three elements: the time you intend to go, where you are going and what activities you have planned to do.


To simplify, we decided to focus on the seasons: summer and winter.


When to go to Vietnam? The period from November to March is considered as the best time to go to Vietnam: the temperatures are pleasant, and it does not rain or little. Between May and October, some areas such as the Mekong Delta or the north of the country suffer from heavy rains, which can affect your stay.


For the summer: between April and October, the temperatures rise and the humidity is very important: these are conditions worthy of the Vietnamese summer. Thus, if you travel to Vietnam during this period, it is advisable you take light clothes made of cotton. Prefer long sleeves and canvas pants, especially if the sun is not your best friend. But do not forget the vests and small jackets for the night, this time of the day is a little cooler.
To protect yourself from occasional rain, carrying a raincoat may prove to be useful.


Winter: Between November and February, the climate is cooler and wetter, especially in Northern Vietnam. So plan to wear warm clothes and raincoats.


Footwear: For a trip to Vietnam, it is advisable to bring at least two pairs of shoes. If you plan to go hiking, a pair of shoes suitable for this purpose is required. It is also useful to bring sandals or any other type of shoe that will slip in and remove easily; in places of worship, you will be asked to take off your shoes, as well as if you enter a house in Vietnam.



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II. Little tips on Vietnam travel clothing


Regarding your question: what to wear when travel to Vietnam, we would like to give you some additional information to improve your stay.

  •  Suitcases with a limited weight for the airplane, we advise you to bring a selection of clothes, as mentioned above. You can easily wash them in your hotel.
  •  We advise you to take with you a backpack, in addition to your suitcase. This will be convenient to take away some clothes if you decide to do a hike in the mountains.



(Photo: Internet - travel to Vietnam)
  •  Do not forget your swimsuit! Vietnam has a very large maritime façade: you will be able to let yourself be tempted by a few fathoms in the turquoise waters of its most beautiful bays!


Preparing your suitcase for your trip to Vietnam will prove to be a fun activity if you follow our travel to Vietnam tips.





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