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CULINARY tours of Vietnam

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Vietnamese cuisine is rich and diversified and has over 500 national dishes. Each region has its own traditional dishes and way of cooking which make it interesting to discover this country through its culinary specialties!

In the North, dishes are saltier than in other regions and soups are their specialty. The most famous one is Pho, made with rice noodles, chicken or beef and all kind of vegetables in a beef or chicken broth.

In Central regions, the food, influenced by the former Nguyen Dynasty culinary art, can be sourer and spicier than in other regions. Banh Khoai (an omelet made from bean sprouts), Banh Bo (steamed rice flour cake with ground shrimp) and Nem Lui (roll them yourself spring rolls with peanut sauce) are some of the most eaten dishes by Vietnamese in these regions.

In the South, dishes tend to be sweeter as one of their main ingredients is coconut milk. Spring rolls known as “nem” are also extremely popular throughout this part of the country. They can be fresh or fried and are made from rice paper filled with minced pork, mushroom, crab, onion, vermicelli, and egg. Vegetarian varieties, known as “nem rau”, are also available.

Because Vietnam’s main religion is Buddhism, many vegetarian dishes are available throughout these diverse regions so no worries if don’t eat meat, you can come to Vietnam and taste vegetarian specialties!

As a local travel agency, we guarantee that you will taste authentic dishes that make this country proud!

If you wish to not only taste it but also learn how to cook it, our « Vietnamese culinary arts » tour also offers the possibility to travelers to cook and eat in a Vietnamese family.

All of our tours in Vietnam can be extended with the « Culinary tour » 


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CULINARY tours of Vietnam

TASTE of Vietnam 15 days

Vietnamese cuisine is creative, remains very traditional. For foodies, Vietnam has multi-cuisine flavors. Taste differs according to the three regions to get Vietnam, this tour offers you an opportunity to get the general knowledge of Vietnamese cuisine, along with must-see cultural highlights through the country.

15 days
Hotel - Cruise


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