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We are a certified local Vietnamese anglophone and francophone agency, with a mission of crafting your holiday just the way you dreamed of while showing the authenticity in the countries you are visiting. 10+ years of experience mean native knowledge of these countries and authentic approach to every client and every holiday. We specialise in crafting private tailor-made holidays with high-quality service and honest prices with no hidden costs and taxes.


in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand


The essence of our tailor-made journeys

Execute Global, Travel Local

Stay true

Do not miss out on the secret places at the destinations we operate in. We know how you can escape the crowds and experience the places where the locals go. We will make sure that you experience places that only a few tourists have, together with a mix of landmarks that you will remember forever.


Wander wisely

With local experts

We sketch out the journey, listen to you and assist you before, during and after your holiday. Our native knowledge and expertise distinguish us and make our tours unforgettable. Until this day we showed the real Southeast Asia to travelers from Switzerland, France, Spain, Belgium, Canada, the U.S, England or Australia.
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Handpicking tea in Vietnam
tours by locals Hiep's homestay Ninh Binh

Going the extra mile

Genius loci

Commit with us to the preservation of the authenticity in Southeast Asia. We cooperate only with locally owned businesses, accommodation, and suppliers and support the development of each country we are operating in. Enjoy our original hotel and homestay selection with their amazing features.

Experience Authenticity

Only local suppliers

All our partners, drivers, guides, suppliers and accommodation owners are trusted, reputable professionals, born and raised in the area. We are known in our industry for our commitment to development of the region. Social responsibility is not an empty phrase to us.

No compromises

Quality over quantity. Your holiday is unique and so are all the people you will meet and experiences you will gain on the way. Our local suppliers are never compromising and we won’t settle for less than the best.

Taste the real Asia

By traveling throughout the secret spots and having the best coffee or local food of the city you are visiting while interacting with locals you will bring home the greatest souvenir of them all: falling in love with the place you have just been to.


  • From the planning to execution, everything was first class. The itinerary, hotels, transfers, transport, and drivers were flawless. Hanoi Voyages arranged a brilliant photographer/guide who stayed with me the entire trip. I’ve taken many tours and many photo tours – this has to be one of the top two. I look forward to using their services again.

    Two Week Photo Tour of Myanmar
    John K
  • I’ve been for 17 days in North and Central Vietnam. It’s been an amazing trip and I’d like to give my best thanks to Hanoi Voyages and especially to Mrs. Thuy Le who was so kind with my group of 10 people. I strongly recommend this agency because they are very professional. If I ever come back to Cambodja, Laos, Myanmar or Thailand I’ll deal with them again.

    A very professional agency
    Andreu R
  • Wonderful trip from north to south. Caring guides. Great job planning my son and my trip through Vietnam and Cambodia. Hotels were wonderful. We would love to come again. Recommend this company. My son was 11 and I am a sole parent-they were fantastic.

    Fantastic holiday with caring people
    Jocelyn G
  • This is one amazing company who have never let me down in any way. They are professional and offer a wonderful service. You will see things that other tour companies simply do not offer and in amazing style – all tour guides are very courteous and professional, vehicles are well maintained and nothing is ever a problem. I have been travelling to Vietnam for well over a decade and would not recommend any one else!

    Amazing Company - Best deals ever



Being born and raised across this land, we are seasoned local experts with more than a decade of experience. We know how to capture and reveal the real authenticity.


We will listen to your desires and keep altering our proposal until it fits from all angles. During your ongoing holiday, we will adapt your trip depending on the unexpected circumstances to ensure the perfect holiday.

Tailor-made holiday can be enjoyed in Ninh Binh


Customer satisfaction is a number one priority for Hanoi Voyages team. We will meticulously pick the right components to satisfy your needs and we will keep customise and arrange your trip until we come up with the perfect holiday and play, only once you are satisfied with the trip we will have created for you.


Quality With our own made inspiration tours, our desire is to inspire you, so together we can create your dream holidays. Be enthralled by our passion for each destination.


Responsive, permanently available to ensure you travel with a peace of mind and enjoy a responsive service throughout your trip. Contact us at anytime and we will ensure that everything goes smoothly.


  • Hanoi Voyages Personnel

    Mr. Kham


    Pham Dac Kham is the founder and director of Hanoi Voyages. He is a Vietnamese national, who has directed the company for over fifteen years. With a degree in international business and tourism and a strong drive for traveling, his experiences have informed his practice, much like an architect of tailor-made travel.

  • Hanoi Voyages Personnel

    Trang TA

    Marketing Manager (EN)

       Hoian, Dalat. Living in bustling Hanoi, she came to love smaller cities. There she finds something more genuine, familiar and nostalgic of an older era of Vietnam in the scenery, people and foods.

       Mangosteen. The eye-catching purple color looks as good as its divine sweet and sour taste.

  • Hanoi Voyages Personnel

    NGUYEN Thuy Hang


       Da Nang. Da Nang is her top choice for a summer vacation for its beautiful beaches, stunning scenery and the variety of sea foods.

       Durian. From fresh fruits to all things durian-flavoured such as candy and pie, she loves them all.

  • Hanoi Voyages Personnel

    PHAM Lan Anh


       Nature. Be it the breezy ocean, or the impressive mountain, as long as she is close to nature, she can make the most out of travelling.

       Cake. Having a sweet tooth, creamy cakes are her favorite dessert.

  • Hanoi Voyages Personnel

    LUU Thi Hong Nhung

    Marketing Manager (FR)

       Hanoi. Being the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is inevitably chaotic, yet calming at times, almost old-fashioned. Charming, nonetheless.

       Grapes. Available in any season, tasting good no matter what, grapes are definitely her absolute favorite.

  • Hanoi Voyages Personnel

    PHAM Thi Anh Hoang

    Tour Operator (FR)

       Hue. The tranquil atmosphere calms her heart every single time, making her fall in love with the land over and over.

       Apple. Like how the alphabet starts with letter A, apple is the first fruit on the list of her favorite things.

  • Hanoi Voyages Personnel

    VU Thanh Huong (Lucy)

    Sales Representative (FR)

       Phu Quoc. The stunning beach, the golden soft sand, the friendly locals are everything she can ever ask for.

       Chicken Pho. A hearty ball of chicken pho is both filling and tasty.

  • Hanoi Voyages Personnel

    HA Thu Phuong (Sophie)

    Sales Representative (EN/FR)

       Da Nang. “The most worth living city of Vietnam” definitely lives up to its name in her book with its beaches, weather, foods and hospitality.

       Durian. She happens to fall on the deeply in love spectrum when it comes to the picky tropical fruit.

  • Hanoi Voyages Personnel

    TRUONG Thi Hang (Léa)

    Sales Representative (FR)

       Sapa. Refreshing climate. Magnificent views. Colourful festivals. She never gets bored with travelling to Sapa.

       Fresh-water Crab Hotpot With Beef. Steaming Hotpot on a cold winter day, or after work, is her go-to meal to enjoy with friends and family.

  • Hanoi Voyages Personnel

    LE Thanh Thuy

    Sales Representative (FR)

       Sapa. The mountainous area full of exotic treats is her ultimate getaway from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi.

       Anything. She is up to any culinary challenges and enjoys a variety of foods in her diet.

  • Hanoi Voyages Personnel

    NGUYEN Thi Thanh

    Sales Leader

       Hue. Rich in history with captivating culture, the imperial city in Central Vietnam always has a special place in her heart.

       Spring roll. Easy to make, easy to eat, spring roll definitely tops her list of favorite foods.

  • Hanoi Voyages Personnel

    NGO Thi Giang (Julie)

    Sales Representative (EN)

       Dalat. The romantic and charming city has won her heart time after time for its scenic landscapes and lovely people.

       Bun cha. She believes that one just cannot go wrong with bun cha while in Hanoi, a signature dish of the capital.

  • Hanoi Voyages Personnel

    TRAN Thi Thanh Thu


       Hanoi. Thu has been deeply in love with it for years and years. No matter where she goes, her heart dreads to go back to the beautiful capital, her home.

       Longan. A summer fruit she can snack on without getting bored.

  • Hanoi Voyages Personnel

    NGUYEN Thi Luong

    Tour Operator (FR/EN)

       Woods. Be it strolling or exploring, its calmness and greenary always draws her in.

       Squid. Maybe it is because of her love for the land and the woods? She just cannot come to like squids no matter what.

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