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Are you packing your bag to Vietnam? Curious about what to bring and what to expect?

Don’t worry. We at Hanoi Voyages feel the responsibility to help you be well-prepared for Vietnam. 

We have compiled the most concrete, updated Vietnam Travel Guide for you. 

Basic Information

Get to know Vietnam's time difference, currency and transportation

The timezone in Vietnam is UTC+07:00

Vietnamese people mainly use cash and the currency used is the Vietnamese đồng (VND).

Note that you can also use a credit card, but only in restaurants or convenience store.

  • 1 Euro = about 27.000 VND
  • 1 USD = about 23.000 VND
  • 1 GBP = about 30.000 VND



There are always taxis in big cities. So, always remember to check that the meter is on and that the km are shown.

Recently Grab is popular ride-hailing app in Vietnam.  They are available in English and offer taxies, private cars, and motorbikes. 

Tips in Vietnam

What are the usual prices, how are the homestays in Vietnam, what are the Vietnamese holidays, ...?
Prices in Vietnam
Plug outlets
National days


vietnamese dong with different notes

Price tags are rarely displayed in Vietnam. Therefore, you should have a basic idea of the average price of some basic items.

Always remember to bargain for items in markets (especially clothes) and on the street (even those with price tags). In reality, it is very rare that the seller expects you to accept the first price that they offer, even if it is just a couple of dollars you are trying to bargain down. 


Thailand power outlet

The most common outlet in Vietnam is the two-pronged “European” style (220V), which requires two straight, parallel prongs, unlike the three-pronged UK plug.

Make sure you bring an adapter if you bring electric appliances under 220V (eg: 110V).

You can see which foreign plugs you will be able to use in Vietnam right here.

vietnam homestay at mr. hiep with Hanoi VoyagesTo get an authentic Vietnamese experience, why not choose a home-stay? If you fancy mountains and villages like Sapa in the North, then you cannot miss this experience.

It is very different from the usual bed and breakfast that you know from all around the world. The owner would be a local family, and you will be able to enjoy their normal life and everyday food. Here you will find a large room for sleeping with other travellers. Mattresses, a duvet, and mosquito are of course available.

As authenticity is of high importance, Hanoi Voyages put a high emphasis on homestay experience. Read our article about Hiep’s family homestay and how we have helped his family

National dayDate
Lunar New Year (Tet)Late January- Early February
Reunification of VietnamApril 30th
International Workers DayMay 1st
Independence DaySeptember 2nd

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