Looking for a job in Hanoi?

Passionate about tourism, marketing or sales? Want a travel agency job in Hanoi, Vietnam?
We often hire tour operators, sales representatives, accountants, and new members for our French or English marketing department.

Who are we?

We are a local Vietnamese anglophone agency, with a mission of crafting your holiday while showing the authenticity in the countries you are visiting. With years of experiences, that combine native knowledge of these countries culminates in a truly knowledgeable and authentic approach. We specialise in crafting private tailor-made holidays with high-quality service and honest prices with no hidden costs and taxes. 

HANOI VOYAGES specialises in the crafting of private, tailor-made trips.

in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Thailand

Jobs available

For general applications or questions, refer to hr@hanoivoyage.com

For French-speaking positions, kindly head to https://www.hanoivoyage.com/recruitement/

Thank you.

What do previous employees have to say about their

job in Hanoi?

  • My internship at Hanoi Voyages goes beyond anything I could learn about cultural differences in a textbook. I got to embrace the Vietnamese culture and work ethic that is not found anywhere in Europe. An internship with much responsibility and self-development.

    English Marketing Intern
    Camilla - Master in International Business
  • My internship at Hanoi Voyages had been a rewarding experience. I had the chance to practice my passion in a professional environment for the first time, not to mention the discovery of the Vietnamese culture through the several trips we had.

    English Marketing Intern
    Tahiana - Master in Marketing/Negotiation
  • My internship in Hanoi Voyages was a really good experience for me and my professional skills. Due to the culture and way of working, I had to adapt myself and be open minded. Also, it brought me a new point of view on management and organization.

    French Marketing Intern
    Baptiste - ITEEM Engineering/Business
  • Thanks to my internship at Hanoi Voyages, I was able to learn more about Vietnam, the different cultures and way of life in South East Asia. Working in this company allowed me to clarify my professional project and develop my personality.

    French Marketing Intern
    Julie - Master in Management