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Heritage Cruises

Heritage Cruises charms its guests with its delicately designed interior, taking inspiration from the nostalgic classical vibe of French Indochina together with more traditional Vietnamese sentiment. From the bright minimal use of colours, the eye-popping signature reds of its logo, to the smart use of draping materials, Heritage Cruises blends everything seamlessly. This creates a consistently soft, comfy and elegant image that is pleasing to both the eyes and the mind.

In addition, Lan Ha Bay’s magnificent view further enhances its attractiveness and calmness, suitable for anyone looking for a luxurious relaxing cruise in comfortable exclusivity.

Over 20 beautifully furnished suites of Heritage Cruises all have a full open view of the ocean’s sight, not to mention a private balcony and sunchairs. Other amenities include two restaurants, a spa, indoor and outdoor lounge, swimming pool and pool bar.


Artistic constituents

French Indochina inspo blending with Vietnamese sentiment

Variety of gastronomic experience

Our selected suites

Heritage Cruises has stated clearly about the expectation of their own service quality: “Our standards are so high there is no such thing as a standard suite”. Hence, rest assured that they have got you covered, be it aesthetic designs, enticing cuisines, engaging facilities or personal touch.

Client feedback: “Phenomenal experience! Attentive and knowledgeable staffs. Nicely decorated. Highly recommend!”

Ocean Suites


Second Deck, a Superior View

Private Balcony with a Day Bed


Guests can enjoy the sun at the sundeck as well as the swimming pool open all year on Panorama Deck. The wide space allows for multiple events to take place per request such as weddings. Healthy exercising classes are also available for signups, taking place every early morning. The range of activities expands to nighttime as well, involving using the telescope to study constellations, which is a rare sight in the city due to heavy pollution.
Guests onboard can also visit the exhibition room L’Art de l’Annam which also surrounds the consistent theme of French Indochina, full of inspiration for people who are interested. Another artistic spot is the Artful Lobby Lounge, a masterpiece of sunlights, furniture arrangement, colour scheme. It is as real as it is picturesque.
Otherwise, you can always pick up a book in Bach Thai Buoi library, lie down in White Lotus Spa, buy some souvenirs in Van Don Shop, or hit the gym. The activities are endless.



Full open view

High-class one-of-a-kind experience onboard

Artistic and learning experience at numerous facilities


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