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Bassac Cruise

The fleet of our partner consists of 3 Bassac Boats. Bassac II (even allowed to sail into Cambodia) and III (extra bar on the upper deck) are entirely new hull designs, while Bassac I is a traditional yet green ship. It treats its wastewater and recycles the waste heat from the engine. On all of them, the passengers can enjoy privacy on board, as the layout allows the crew to be discreet. Services and comfy setting ensure a good experience of the Mekong delta for Hanoi Voyages clients. We are sure you will love them.


Private access and en suite bathroom

Boats with a capacity of 12, 20 and 24 passengers (2 bigger boats suitable for elderly or disabled)

Dining room and bar on the main deck, sundeck and some boats have extra decks

Our selected cabins

All cabins offer 24-hour power and air-conditioning system, ate fitted with fire detection and floatation devices. The cabins fare soundproofed and double glazing protects the passengers’ sleep.

Client feedback: “From the moment you step on a boat, you receive only top care. Thank you, Hanoi Voyages and crew of Bassac!”

Deluxe Bassac River Cruise Cabin

Wooden cabin in a traditional style

Equipped with modern amenities for a comfortable stay

An ensuite bathroom offers hot and cold water all the time

The cabins are scented by Laurent Séverac, a perfumer in Hanoi

Meals included


Cruise gently down the river watching all the life happening on the Mekong

Amazing local dishes cooked by an experienced chef

If you are lucky and there are no clouds – watch the sunset of your life


Interested in this accommodation?

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bassac river cruise boat at sunset