Hong Chung Homestay at Nghia Lo


Nghia Lo, a small town located in the heart of the Muong Lo valley, can be reached by taking a picturesque country road. The Muong Lo valley is the “breadbasket” of this northern mountainous region. Escape the city, and see how life is lived at a slower pace.

The host family you will stay with lives in Chao Ha, near Nghia Lo. You will not find any noisy nightclubs or bars in this small village where only 200 people of the Thai ethnic group live in harmony with nature. The family lives in an old wooden house on stilts built in 1967 surrounded by a beautiful garden. A fish breeding ground nearby supplies Hong Chung’s family with fish.

The surrounding area is rice, corn or soya fields, depending on the season. This is the perfect place for those who wish to take beautiful photos of the countryside and the farmers working. The house may be a traditional one, but it is well equipped. You will sleep on mattresses, and the house is equipped with toilets and a shower. Hong Chung’s family live a simple life, close to nature. This is a rare opportunity to learn more about their daily life and share your experiences with them.

Ms. Hong Chung is passionate about her work and likes to open her house to visitors. She loves to cook for her guests and will be pleased to teach you how to prepare the traditional dishes of the Thai people. She likes to learn more about her guests, their country and their daily life,  which are in many ways different from hers.

At Hanoi Voyages, we genuinely want to improve local farmers’ lives. There is no middleman between you and the homestay family. Your custom and contribution will enable Chung to send her children to school or to buy plots of land for agriculture.

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