Ha Long Bay: The Complete Guide

This majestic site, not to be missed under any circumstances!

Ha Long Bay has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994. Halong Bay with its 1969 islets bathed in the turquoise of the East Sea, has been recognized as “natural beauty” and listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1994.

Ha Long means the “descent of the dragon”: according to legend, a dragon descended into the bay to tame the sea currents. With the violent movements of its tail, it cut deeply into the mountain. Then, he plunged into the sea. The water level rose, revealing only the highest peaks.

What to see in Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay

A UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994 because of its exceptional landscapes.

Emerald waters, dotted with numerous picturesque limestone formations, create an extraordinary and magical universe.

Charming traditional junk boats, either private or shared, to spend the night under the stars in complete tranquility. Whether it’s sailing under the sun, through the mist, or in the light or shadow, the charm and allure of the place are undeniable.

Ha Long Bay
Dragon Pearl Cruise in Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long Bay

One of the most beautiful destinations in Southeast Asia alongside Ha Long Bay. Its charm lies in the breathtaking natural scenery and the delightful culinary experiences it offers. 

Similar to Ha Long Bay in beauty, it is highly recommended to take a 3-day, 2-night trip to fully relish the tranquility and indulge in water activities such as swimming and kayaking.

Lan Ha Bay

Stands out as a must-see destination due to its unparalleled beauty, which includes 300 islets adorned with lush greenery and many secluded coves with pristine golden sand.

The floating fishing villages, far from the tourist bustle, have taken up residence in Lan Ha and are numerous.
Indulge in the pleasures of kayaking, diving in calm and translucent water.

Lan Ha Bay
Cat Ba Island Lan Ha Bay

Cat Ba Island

The largest island in Ha Long Bay and is located in northern Vietnam. Natural beauty, stunning landscapes, and diverse wildlife.

Cat Ba National Park is home to many rare and endangered species, including the Cat Ba langur, a critically endangered primate species.

We advise you to opt for a walk or rent a bike to be closer to nature.

Quang Ninh Museum

Precious, shining black pearl by Ha Long Bay. Museum have 3 floors, each floor represents a different theme associated with the characteristics of the land of Quang Ninh in the historical line:

  • The 1st floor displays themed sea and nature.
  • The 2nd floor is where historical values are kept.
  • The 3rd floor is the area that recreates the history of coal mines.

3D Funny Art Museum Ha Long

40 3D paintings with multi-dimensional effects and optical illusions on topics: Parody, Aquarium, animals, adventure, etc. The classical painting area has pictures of Mona Lisa, ancient girls, etc.

Aquarium, cute dolphins, ferocious crocodiles, with waterfalls, whirlpools and even a drawing area of the majestic scenery of Ha Long Bay.

Like the feeling of adventure, take pictures at the ghost painting area with 3D paintings of ghostly witches.

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What to do in Ha Long Bay


Some places in the bay are unfortunately inaccessible by junk, so opt for a kayak trip! This ecological activity gives you the chance to visit hidden caves, beautiful wild beaches and fishing villages. The route followed with a guide allows you to enter the sites in complete safety and to contemplate the most sumptuous caves such as those of Thien Cung, Dau Go, Sung Sot, etc.

Orchid Cruise Kayaking on Lan Ha Bay
Kayaking on Lan Ha Bay


Discover floating fishing villages

Ha Long Bay is home to many families who work and live in mobile floating villages. Among these villages, those of Cua Van, Ba Hang and Vung Vieng are the most famous. While passing here, you can learn about the daily life, the fishing techniques of the locals and even taste fresh seafood.

Go on an adventure on the island of Cat Ba

Cat Ba Island is the largest island in Ha Long Bay. The national park of the island offers a rich and preserved fauna and flora. We advise you to opt for a walk or rent a bike to be closer to nature. One of the most interesting paths is from Ao Ech to Viet Hai village.

Rock climbing on Cat Ba Island

With over 3000 limestone islands, Ha Long Bay is known to be a paradise for seasoned travelers. Do not hesitate to try at least one of the 8 practicable climbing routes! Do not panic, it is mandatory to be accompanied by a specialized guide who will watch over your safety and show you breathtaking views!

Swimming at Tuan Chau Beach

This beautiful beach of emerald water and fine sand stretching over more than 3 km is an essential activity. Also, you can stay in luxury resorts, do sports activities and rest on the beach. Lazing on the beach is an activity in Ha Long Bay as simple as it is pleasant!

Visit Cua Ong Temple

Located in Cam Pha town, some 50 km from Ha Long, Cua Ong Temple is a destination for many Vietnamese pilgrims. It is one of the most famous sites of the Tran dynasty. In addition, the Cua Ong Temple Festival is a cultural activity not to be missed. If you feel like watching drum shows and dancing or trying out traditional games like chess, tug of war and stick wrestling, don’t hesitate to take part in this festival.

Taste seafood

During your visit to Ha Long Bay, do not forget to taste the freshly caught seafood: prawns, octopus, squid, shellfish, and many others… However, note that the price will be very high in summer due to the tourist season. We advise you to ask the prices before buying seafood. For an unforgettable experience, know that it is possible to organize a barbecue on the beach with your friends and family.


When to go to Ha Long Bay

Northern Vietnam, Ha Long region have four seasons:

  • Spring (February to April): warm and comfortable temperatures, 20 to 21°C.
  • Summer (May to July): prolonged hot spells and occasional thunderstorms, highest 37-38°C.
  • Autumn (August to October): decreasing temperatures, misty mornings, and slightly chilly evenings.
  • Winter (November to January): drizzles and foggy conditions; cold.

Best time: September to November and March to May.

Cruises in Ha Long Bay

Cruise in this mythical bay with a spectacular seascape!

Different levels of traditional style junks: luxury, super-luxury and top of the range.

  • Privatized junks, equipped with a single and unique room on board, dedicated to the exclusivity of a single couple for honeymoon for example or to celebrate important, very privileged events.
  • Privatized junks dedicated to a small group of family and friends (max. 11 people) to meet up with one another.

Itineraries of our cruises primarily away from classic circuits to respect the notion of intimacy and exclusivity.

Private Cruise

In cruises of 2, or 3, or 4, or 5 days, different standards of junks are offered to you:

  • High-end luxury junk.
  • Super Luxury junk.
  • Luxury junk.

To help you discover this exceptional site, we favor the choice of a private cruise for standard of your choice. You will be there only between you and the crew, no other customers on board.

We have tested all the junks we offer. Their comfort, the quality of their services, the different durations of circuits in the bay, were our selection criteria. The junks that we have selected for our customers will make your stay – one night on board – a delicious unforgettable memory!

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