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Hanoi Voyages moved to a new space!

The new office is located at 13 Kim Mã Thượng, 10 min ride from the previous location at 144 Đội Cấn. We reside on the 4th and 5th floor and we love it here.

House blessings should prevent the house or apartment from misfortune, or “heal” it after previous inhabitants. Many religions have house blessings, from Catholicism to Orthodoxy. Buddhism is not an exception. In Vietnam through time and generations, you can witness the ritual of offerings to Buddha and ancestors during festivals, New Year, death anniversaries, weddings…

Since we value our traditions and culture and want to serve you for many years to come, we organised a blessing for our new office.

So, what is it, you might ask?

Offering incense to Amitābha Buddha (in Vietnamese A Di Đà Phật) expresses goodwill and respect. If you are thinking thurification (burning sticks), it is not only that. For Buddhism, incense is only one of the six offerings, together with flowers, a candle or oil lamp, drink, fruit and food, even meat, in front of an altar. The altar is a highly sacred place.

Buddhism altar at the new office including some offerings

Since our blessing was not a residence but an office one, we added money too, for the prosperity of our new office. However, it is common to offer something made out of paper in Vietnam. It is a part of ancestor worship, every house, office, and business in Vietnam has a small altar which is used to commune with ancestors.

That is why, if you visit our country, you can see small fires of burning paper in the streets of towns and cities.

It was an experience for every employee.

In the words of one of our international interns: “I never knew something like this is performed and is so detailed. I liked the prayer and atmosphere in the room. The tradition of the altar, always keeping it stocked with food and fruits is also amazing. Makes one think how even the simple people who live humble lives keep the traditions alive.”

In combination with the melodious recitation of Buddhist teachings and the phrase “Con nam mô a di đà phật” we felt the warmth of the spiritual world for a while and become closer together. We also learned prophecy from coin reading.

And we must say, the future looks bright.

Be our guest and come experience more Vietnamese traditions. “Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times.” Don’t you agree?

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