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What is a tailor-made trip and why does it sound like a suit?

Going on holidays sounds like the perfect opportunity for a getaway or family bonding. But the desire to go and the actual planning of your trip are two completely different stories. We recognise how time-consuming, frustrating or tiring it is to find the “perfect” itinerary. But, it doesn’t have to be like that with a “tailor-made trip”

Let Hanoi Voyages help you understand how we can relieve your stress, listen to your need, and make your ultimate dream travel come true!

What is a tailor-made trip?

Just like a tailored suit, a tailor-made trip, or bespoke holiday, customized travel, … is a travel trip personally made just for your needs, preferences, and budget! Forget about being dependent on pre-packaged tour, and not having your own time of exploring. Now, with a tailor-made trip, you can be in charge, make a call and adjust on any aspect of your dream trip.

How do we tailor make your trip?

Begin crafting the trip of your dream by clicking Let’s plan your trip. After answering our survey about your desired destination, date and companions, all you have to do is to wait for our prompt response to discuss further.

You can start adjusting and making changes based on our model travel itinerary with possible activities, services (accommodations, restaurants, …) and starting price.

 As local experts with more than a decade of experience, we have many connections with high-qualified, refined travel service providers. We are certain to give you the best consultation.

 All you have to do is to contact us, tell us what you want, and we will cater to your needs with much care, punctuation, and responsibility!


Tell Hanoi Voyages your dream travel...

And we shall make it come true
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Why choose Hanoi Voyages?

Be you every step of the way

By constantly communicating, listening to and understanding your travel styles, situations, and worries, we can come up with a travel experience that stays true to yourself. You can be as adventurous as you want with our Off-the-beaten-track travel. Alternatively, you can be intimate with your loved ones through our Family travel plan. Or how about be spontaneous with our cross-country travel

Not only unique, but your tailor-made tour can also be private. We will cater to you a hassle-free transportation plan, even with your own personal driver. Not to mention, you will also be accompanied by our long-term partnered local tour guides, so you can engage in new cultures with ease. 


Your travel setting is our priority

We also take into high consideration of your travel state: your time of availability, your travel partners, your health condition, and so on. We will create, add or remove any activities that we find unfit to your situation. 

 A tailor-made trip is not necessarily expensive if that is what you concern. We will give you the best service based on your budget. The best hotel or restaurant might not be the most expensive, but it certainly has to suit you and your needs.

Keep up with the travel trends

Instead of taking you to commercialized travel destinations, we present you a more AUTHENTIC travel experience. Discover your future journey to Lan Ha Bay, a great alternative to your common Ha Long Bay trip.

We care deeply about our local partnership. We help them improve their facilities, namely homestay, so can you get the most authentic but comfortable experience.

Most travelers are highly concern about eco-tourism, and we always make sure to include sustainability in our operation.


The road to your dream tailor-made trip is only one click away!

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