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Homestay in Vietnam

Spending at least one night with a Vietnamese family during your time in Vietnam is synonymous with adventure. This incredible experience is, we believe, the only way to discover how Vietnamese people truly live. It will allow you to discover landscapes off the beaten track and to make authentic encounters with various Vietnamese ethnic groups.

We carefully select families that run small family businesses and who depend on tourism to improve their family lives. There is no mediator between you and them. We advocate an art of travelling in relation to the people and their environment.

This responsible way of tourism will guarantee that travellers can experience an authentic moment with local people who will be happy to show you how they live and what they do. Unlike mass tourism, responsible tourism takes into consideration the impact that travellers can have on local life, and by doing so, Hanoi Voyages is confident that both you and the local families will savour this experience.

Hanoi Voyages has created immersive stays, where we offer you different kinds of homestay in Vietnam. You will be welcomed by charming families who will open the doors of their house located in an atypical environment. You will be their guest for a few days and a few meals. Thanks to this way of travelling, you will discover how kind and friendly the Vietnamese are, and you will share a wonderful dinner together. You will be able to get involved in the social and economic life of the villages. We desire to promote the locals as well as their culture and know-how, which remains too little highlighted.

The recipe for a successful trip is originality, friendliness, authenticity, intimacy and eco-friendly! In other words, it should be unforgettable!

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