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Hiep’s family have been farmers for generations. He now lives with his parents and grandparents as most families used to in the past.


Hiep and his wife, a woman from another village, both work on the farm and do embroidery during their free time. Hiep also has a part-time job as a cook in a local restaurant but it does not provide enough incomes on its own. From time to time, Hiep’s parents apart from working in the fields also provide tours at the Halong Bay (Tam Coc) thanks to the sampan they own.




One day, as we were talking about this project of developing tourism in Tam Coc while improving local families’ lives in a café, Hiep told us he was interested. He, therefore, invited us to visit his house, a beautiful one in the countryside which style is quite modern and popular among farmers in Vietnam. At first, we weren’t expecting to see the house we saw.

We were impressed by the size of it and by the rice fields surrounding the land. There is a courtyard at the front of the house and a fish breeding complex nearby which is important for three main reasons. The first one is that it provides fish to the whole family. The second one is that it brings freshness to the house. The third reason is that, according to Vietnamese’s beliefs, a fish breeding center will keep bad spirits from coming into the house. Vegetable gardens and an orchard surround the house. Then you can enjoy a wonderful view of the surrounding rice fields from the second floor.

After several visits there, we thought that Hiep and his family were very hospitable and kind and that they would be perfect hosts. They are always happy to explain their daily life to visitors and are proud of their country and village.




At Hanoi Voyages, we truly want to improve local farmers’ lives. This is why all the money you will pay for this night will be given to Hiep, we won’t take any charges.

There is no mediator between you and them.

This unforgettable experience is the best way to see how villagers live in Vietnam and get away from overcrowded big cities.




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