Phu Quoc Island: The Complete Guide

Phu Quoc – located in the far south of Vietnam, off the coast of Cambodia, facing the Gulf of Thailand, and only a 1-hour flight from Ho Chi Minh City, Phu Quoc is the trendy beach destination.

The island is surrounded by a vast marine reserve, providing visitors with the opportunity to explore an underwater world filled with colorful coral reefs and diverse marine life.

What to see in Phu Quoc

Enchanting beaches

There are plenty of them, which allows for peace, relaxation, and serenity, despite the tourist development. They are to be savored without moderation, if you enjoy lazing between coconut trees and white sand beaches on a 100% natural island.

  • Long Beach (Bai Truong): If you love snorkeling, this beach is perfect! The Turtle Island (Hon Doi Moi) is near this beach!
  • Star Beach (Bai Sao): One of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Phu Quoc, its name Star Beach comes from the fact that the beach is covered with starfish!
  • Ganh Dau Beach: The closest beach to its Cambodian neighbor!
  • Bai Rach Vem: An authentic beach located in the middle of a rural village to be reached by boat at Ganh Dau.
  • On Lang Beach: An isolated beach for lovers of great calm.
Phu Quoc island
Phu Quoc island


Phu Quoc National Park

This park encompasses 86% of the island’s total vegetation. Sloping gently, with its highest point at 603 meters above sea level, this park is an ideal place for short forest hikes in the heart of wild vegetation.
For lovers of wild plants, there are 900 varieties of plants here.

Phu Quoc Night Market in Duong Dong

A real labyrinth of flavors! Small food stands offer fresh fish, seafood, and shells that will be served to you on the spot, grilled before your eyes on the BBQ! A delight!

Local specialties accompanied by typical Phu Quoc sauces, authentic local desserts, and all kinds of small snacks, everything here is tempting and the prices are very reasonable!

Many small stalls gather Phu Quoc and Vietnam’s crafts: magnificent local shells, pearls of Phu Quoc, carefully chosen crafts, all against a backdrop of bargaining as it should be!

A pepper plantation and farm for the famous Phu Quoc pepper

Phu Quoc is the kingdom of pepper, which is the great local specialty. Of exceptional quality, Phu Quoc pepper has obtained the label “Phu Quoc Pepper”.

Pepper cultivation is concentrated in 3 communes: Cua Duong, Cua Can, and Duong To, which produce 1000 tons per year. It comes in 3 colors: black, red, and white, with a solid grain that is spicy and strong in aroma.

Visiting a plantation, you will learn about the care required for pepper cultivation and all the patience and attention it requires.

what to buy in Vietnam pepper


The making of Nuoc Mam

In Vietnam, where it was invented, Nuoc Mam is a staple of Vietnamese cuisine. Made from fermented anchovies in salt, it takes 12 months before it can be consumed. Nuoc Mam made in Phu Quoc has long been one of the best Nuoc Mams in Vietnam. It is tasty and rich in protein.

Visiting a Nuoc Mam workshop is a must-see in Phu Quoc. You will first be impressed by the strong and somewhat unpleasant smell, then by the giant wooden tanks that contain the fermenting fish inside.
Offering Nuoc Mam from Phu Quoc is a beautiful gift!

Visit to the Sim wine factory

This sim wine, also known as rose myrtle wine, is one of the island’s specialties. Recognized as one of the best in Vietnam. It is said to be excellent for your health!

The village of Rach Vem and Bai Sao beach

Here, it’s the kingdom of starfish! Located in the commune of Ganh Dau, just 25 km north of the city of Duong Dong, the superb Bai Sao beach deserves its reputation. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc.

The Suoi Tranh waterfalls

Escape from the beach resorts and delve into the forests of Phu Quoc. 9 km south of the Duong Dong market center. Amidst rocks, lush vegetation, and singing birds, a 15km-long waterfall has made its way. The Tranh Waterfall is the largest chain of waterfalls and natural pools on the island.

The verdant nature and joyful waterfalls make this landscape a beautiful painting, hence the name Tranh, which means “painting”.

The Phu Quoc Prison

During the Vietnam War, it was a huge concentration camp for South Vietnamese prisoners. A true earthly hell, this camp was actually built by the French colonialists. Over 40,000 soldiers were interned, tortured, and killed here. During this visit, you will discover the conditions of the prisoners.

Vinpearl Safari

Vinpearl Safari is the first and only safari in the country! Covering an area of 380 hectares, it is home to rare and local species. Some animals are in semi-freedom and an open bus circuit allows you to approach them.

You will be able to see tigers, flamingos, langurs, and macaques in their natural habitats.

Ham Ninh Fishing Village

Become a true local by visiting the Ham Ninh village and meeting the fishermen. Here, fishing is the main source of income for the population.

Ham Ninh specialties: Sea cucumber soup! The sea cucumber. Check out our “island specialties” section.

In a completely different register, Ham Ninh also allows you to buy pearls. Yes, we told you, Phu Quoc is nicknamed “the pearl island.”

Finally, at nightfall, it is possible to go fishing for fish and squid with locals, to be freshly caught and enjoyed!

Phu Quoc boats
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What to do in Phu Quoc?

Tour the island by motorbike

Allow a full day to see the most beautiful beaches and charming secret spots.

Night squid fishing

A private activity, entrusted to Hanoi Voyages. Departure and return from/to the hotel. Authentic and typically local, with local fishermen, we organize your squid fishing evening.

Lines provided, bait provided, everything is included. A friendly atmosphere with the fishermen on the boat who will share their tips for a successful fishing trip!

Fishing day

A private fishing day, with a boat reserved by Hanoi Voyages. Departure and return from/to your hotel.

Breakfast, lunch on boat, equipment provided for fishing, swimming, and diving with equipment provided to discover butterfly fish and other tropical species, rays.

A truly beautiful day of happiness, in private, on a boat just for you!

Ride the world’s longest cable car over the sea

Recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records, the Hon Tom cable car is 8 km long and connects the two cities of An Thoi Town and Hon Thom Island.

A unique and breathtaking experience, flying over turquoise waters with coral reefs, overlooking the different islands of the Gulf of Thailand archipelago.

Diving in Phu Quoc

With all these postcard-perfect beaches, there’s nothing more exciting than exploring the marine depths of Phu Quoc. You can go snorkeling and, for the more experienced, scuba diving!

For your safety and to reserve the best spots, Hanoi Voyages can organize your diving excursion.

A one-day snorkeling excursion that will take you to Finger Island, Dam Ngang Island, and May Rut Island where you can observe colorful corals and diverse marine life.

The joys of kayaking

Kayaking in Phu Quoc is practiced in a specific location, where the Cua Can river flows into the Gulf of Thailand. It is an ideal spot because it is not dangerous, making it perfect for beginners or families with children. The current is calm, and the natural beauty is breathtaking in a tropical jungle environment.

Hanoi Voyages, a specialist in “tailor-made” tours, has built a great reputation for organizing kayaking trips on the Cuan Can River.

Go kayaking
Kayaking is fun experience

Sunset on Long Beach

From 6 p.m., the magical spectacle of the fiery-colored sun begins! It’s time to relax on the many terraces of bars.


This island offers all kinds of bars and places to enjoy a cocktail, with all ranges of budgets.
The must-try? Beachfront bars. We recommend Rory’s Beach Bar, an open-air bar right in front of the sea.

Want to dance? The Lion Garden Beer Club is the largest nightclub on the island of Phu Quoc, spanning two floors. The type of music played is EDM and electro.

And finally, for festival-goers, Phu Quoc hosts the largest underground music festival in Vietnam every December.

Phu Quoc night market
Phu Quoc night market

What to see in Phu Quoc with children?

Phu Quoc is a wonderful and interesting destination not only for adults but also for children. All the activities offered are suitable for families with children, and there is something for all ages. Fun, cultural, and educational activities are included in the list of activities that will appeal to your children for your family vacation in Vietnam.

Have a memorable family vacation in Phu Quoc, Vietnam, with exciting activities for you and your children:

  • Enjoy the beautiful beaches.
  • Take a tour of the night market where you can taste many local specialties.
  • Buy souvenirs for all your loved ones at a very reasonable price.
  • Discover the production of nuoc mam.
  • Spend a fun day at Vinwonders Phu Quoc amusement park – a paradise for children.
  • Observe wild animals at Vinpearl Safari.
  • Go fishing for a day.
    Take a private boat trip to An Thoi Island with swimming, snorkeling, and fishing activities.
  • Visit Rach Vem Village and Bai Sao Beach.

Trust us with your family travel plans to Phu Quoc. Our aim is to relieve you of the personal management difficulties in a highly touristic area. We are accustomed to organizing one or several days during your stay.

Doing it yourself is difficult in Phu Quoc. The roads are in poor condition, and a license is required to drive a motorbike. Accidents are also frequent in Phu Quoc.

Reminder: Many small businesses in Phu Quoc sell excursions to discover the island, but they fall into the category of mass tourism. You will never be alone but always in groups, with imposed schedules, and sometimes rushed visits.

When to visit Phu Quoc?

The island is beautiful throughout the year, but the rainy season is from May to October, so it is better to avoid this time. The dry season is from December to April, which is the best time to visit when the weather is not excessively hot, and the sky is clear. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, protective clothing, and mosquito repellent.

How many days are recommended to visit Phu Quoc?

It is best to spend a week in Phu Quoc to fully enjoy the beautiful beaches, nature, and take a day trip by boat to visit the islands or explore the island’s must-see attractions.

If you are unable to dedicate a week, consider staying for at least four days.

What can you do in 4 days in Phu Quoc?

  • 2 days enjoying the beautiful beaches.
  • 1 day taking a private boat trip to the islands of An Thoi organized by Hanoi Voyages.
  • 1 day shopping or discovering the island’s essentials with a driver.

What to eat in Phu Quoc?

The specialties of the island

When it comes to an island, seafood is a must-have and Phu Quoc offers a superb selection of seafood delicacies!

  • From calamari, barracudas, anchovies, to clams, there is something for everyone. Don’t miss out on the grilled sea urchin, a refined yet succulent dish.
  • Ham Ninh crabs may be small in size, but they will delight your taste buds as they are often accompanied by a flavorful sauce of black pepper, salt, and lemon.
  • Sea cucumber soup! The holothurian (sea cucumber) is served in a soup of garlic, chili, Nuoc Mam sauce, and sea cucumbers. It’s a highly nutritious and healthy dish! Dried sea cucumber is also a very original gift to bring back for your friends.
  • Hippocampus-infused wine is an alcoholic beverage infused with dried seahorses. It’s a specialty of the fishing village of Ham Ninh, which can also be found at the Dong Duong market.
  • Rose myrtle wine, also known as Ruou Sim, is a yellow transparent wine with a specific aroma of rose myrtle fruit. It’s sweet and tangy, and it’s said to aid digestion and alleviate pain.
  • Cobia fish “BOP” soup: A delicious, sweet yet tangy soup made with fresh cobia fish, tomatoes, okra, and pineapple. A delightful dish of Phu Quoc!
fresh seafood
Trying fresh seafood is a must in Phu Quoc

Where can you stay in Phu Quoc?

Phu Quoc offers a wide range of accommodations for all budget ranges, from hostels to luxury resorts. The following hotels are highly recommended:

MGallery La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc

A boutique hotel with character, built in the style of French seaside houses. It features tropical gardens, private balconies, two restaurants, a lounge bar, a swimming pool, a water sports center, and a day spa.

Fusion Resort Phu Quoc

Each spacious villa has a private pool and secluded garden, with stunning beach and riverside views. The resort offers tempting dining options, a ‘breakfast anywhere’ concept, and Fusion’s unique ‘all-inclusive spa’ service.

Salinda Resort Phu Quoc

A five-star hotel located in a prime location on Phu Quoc Island with stunning views for romantic sunsets. The resort has 121 luxury rooms, suites, and villas designed in a contemporary and local style that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor spaces.

Cassia Cottage

A unique luxury resort on Phu Quoc Island that was once an oasis owned by a spice trader’s family. The resort offers relaxation on the beach, strolls through the gardens, island wine, and a sanctuary-like environment to escape from the pressures and anxieties of life.

Phu Quoc Eco Beach Resort

A warm and welcoming resort with high-quality rooms and service, a private and calm beach, and wonderful recreational facilities such as an outdoor pool and garden. The resort is located close to the city center.

9Station Hostel

Located conveniently in the middle of Long Beach in Duong Dong Town, 9Station Hostel comes highly recommended by travelers. The property is 900 meters away from Su Muon Pagoda and 1.3 km from Phu Quoc Night Market. This hostel offers clean and comfortable dorms and private rooms, as well as a swimming pool and a bar.

Phu House

A combination of traditional oriental architecture with a modern touch and beautiful natural light makes Phu House a favorite among travelers. This hostel offers a range of modern amenities and features a rooftop cafe that provides a splendid panoramic view of Phu Quoc Island.

How to reach Phu Quoc?

Did you know that Phu Quoc is a special economic zone with a 30-day visa exemption to promote tourism? To get there, you have two options:

By plane

Phu Quoc has had an international airport since 2012 and four airlines operate direct flights from Hanoi, HCM city, Can Tho, and Hai Phong. However, some companies may have delays, so beware.

By boat

You can take a speed boat from Rach Gia or Ha Tien, which takes approximately 2.5 hours and costs around 12 EUR. You can book the tickets online on the Phu Quoc Express or Superdong website. It is recommended to visit the Mekong Delta before reaching the island.

How to get around in Phu Quoc?

By motorbike/scooter

This is a practical and common way to explore the island. The rental cost is between 5-12€ per day, but the roads are often in poor condition. Also, having a motorcycle license is usually necessary in Vietnam, but some rental companies neglect this aspect, so be careful.

By taxi

Taxis are available all over the island, and the fare depends on the location of your hotel.

By bike

Cycling is an economical, ecological, and healthy way to explore the island. It costs only 0.8€ per day, but during the rainy season, it can be challenging due to strong winds and storms.

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